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NO UPDATES Starting July 8th! August 19!
Posted 7/5/2001 10:40 PM EDT
I am going to the Philippines for 5 weeks and Japan for 1 week on July 8 to August 19.  It is possible that there will be no updates in that time frame, unless I have access to a computer.  Sorry!

New Expansion Pack...Announced!
Yippee! Again!
Posted 7/5/2001 9:37 PM EDT
Simday has come, and Maxis has announced the development of The Sims Hot Date Expansion Pack, which seems, so far, (in my opinion) to be the best one yet, adding a new area of play, the Downtown!  Here's a snippet:

Players can have their Sims ask each other out on a date or try their luck with an in-game dating service. Arrange to meet another Sim Downtown at exciting and romantic locations that the player can create. Everything from a candlelit dinner, a drink at the bar or a rendezvous in the park is possible as your Sim attempts to orchestrate an evening to remember...

...Players can watch sparks fly or fizzle as their Sims meet and date a host of new characters. Sims can spurn the advances of The Jock, welcome the overtures of the Femme Fatale, find true lust with Mr. Medallion, or strike out with the Blonde Bombshell. Over 100 new objects, including the Picnic Basket, Cuddle Couch and the Love Tub, allow players to set the mood for their Sims. Find your Sim a soul mate…or have fun trying with The Sims Hot Date.

Maxis has also started a contest going along with this new expansion called the "Hot Summer Nights' Contest."  Go to for the full scoop on the contest!

Click here for the full news story!

New Expansion Pack To Be Announced!
Posted 7/1/2001 1:41 PM EDT
axis confirmed to The Sims Resource that a new expansion pack centered around Sims dates (the love type, not the food or time) will be announced next SimDay.  It will be called The Sims: Hot Date.  Save up your money again, folks.
Source: The Sims Resource, Sim Eden

The Sims + GBA = Portable Fun!
I don't believe it!
Posted 6/29/2001 1:45 AM EDT
A surprising twist in the Sims world!  According to Volume 146 of Nintendo Power, page 19, Maxis is planning to release The Sims for the Game Boy Advance sometime in the future.  Project Sims actually hinted at this with an article at VooDoo Extreme in May, but now it looks official.  The paragraph reads:

"Another surprise announcement for Game Boy Advance is (The) Sims from EA Games and Maxis.  One of the most popular PC titles of the past two years, (The) Sims is the brainchild of Will Wright, the creator of SimCity.  Instead of running an entire city, though, your job in (The) Sims is to run a household.  Now that's a real challenge."

I was skeptical at first, when I saw the game on the game forecast, then I saw the paragraph.
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Source: Nintendo Power

Problems other places...worsens!
Oh crud.
Posted 6/23/2001 7:30 PM EDT
The Mall of the Sims is still open, but it's free site is not.  You must pay to view the stores.  The news is still free, as well as Club MOTS, but this is a sad day, as we have partially lost a valued website, at least to those who can't pay the money, like me.

Scrambling for Ideas
They have left my head.
Posted 6/20/2001 12:17 AM EDT
Ugh.  It's been 52 days since my last post.  This site officially stinks.  I can't think of anything to make.  Even though school is over, I have a tennis clinic Monday-Thursday 3:00 to 4:30, I'm getting my driver's license in a few months and I need 50 hours of driving, I got a Game Boy Advance and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (which is addictive), I'm going to the Philippines and Japan in less than a month, school will start 8-9 days after I get back, and I'm lazy.  Well, I'll try to think of something.  Later.

It's a Miracle!  An Update!
And new downloads too?  YES!
Posted 4/29/2001 1:45 AM EST
Yes!  An update after 15 days of nothing!  Two new downloads, a Will Wright Pedestal and Painting, have been added to Decorative!  Consider the fact that Maxis releases new objects every month or so.   I have two today!  Anyways, the pedestal was cloned from a Livin' Large object, so you might need that, but it's so similar to ones in the original game, that I want to ask that if anyone with The Sims or House Party WITHOUT Livin' Large tries to use it in the game, tell me, and tell me if it works without Livin' Large.  If it does, great!  If it doesn't, then I'll put in the warning like the stove.

Problems other places...
Glad I have a free host and that I'm small
Posted 4/14/2001 2:00 PM EST
Simz Online has closed.  Jerm, the webmaster, has put up two rants, one about his decision here and one about...well...the Sim world in general here.  This was one of my favorite sites, and I'm sorry to see it go.  Also, a lot of sites have so much traffic, they don't have much money left to run much longer. 7 Deadly Sims has added more ads, Mall of the Sims has turned MOTS Map into a pay subscription service, among other sites.  I home to get something up here soon, I'm just stumped on what though...

New Poll
Posted 4/6/2001 11:30 PM EST
First the results:
Soon:  11 votes (33%)
Late Spring:  3 votes (9%)
Summer:  12 votes (36%)
Fall:  3 votes (9%)
Sometime Later:  4 votes (12%)

Simsville's coming out in 2002, so the four people who voted "Sometime Later," good job!  The new poll asks how House Party is.  Later!

Simlane climbs out of the drain...again
Hopefully for good...
Posted 4/6/2001 4:32 PM EST (In Archive)
There's life at Simlane again, although it seems unconfirmed, Coaster's has reopened there, and the domain works once again.  It might just be for House Party, or it could be permanent, but it's good news.

I Have it!
The Sims House Party is in my possession.
Posted 4/4/2001 10:26 PM EST (In Archive)
YES!  Now I just have to wait until Don Hopkins releases Transmogrifier 1.5 and I'll be all set for new objects.  

Drew Carey in SimCity, Sims Getting TV Series
My computer's trying to climb into my TV!
Posted 3/15/2001 7:59 PM EST (In Archive)
Uhh...ok...I haven't updated in a while, and I know House Party has gone gold (in production).  Anyway, on the March 28 episode of The Drew Carey Show, the cast will spend around 2 minutes in SimCity!  Apparently Drew Carey is a SimFan too (his idea).  Also, Maxis is working with Pet Fly Prods. and Columbia TriStar Television to create a Sims cable show that works in conjunction with The Sims Online.  Catch the full article and more info on this show here at
Source: Simz Online

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